Thursday, August 31, 2017

poetry and story inn fridays week 1

submitting to our neswest friend from loyola pagewell

a long and loud cry
which wakes me up
eyes half closed
mind has gone into drama
life could not be better
unless every and single individual needs are met
what a morning shock
when the sudden rain pours
as soon as Rebecca Mayer walks out
the afternoon sun burns flat
Josephine and Clara AbbeyThomursz feel better
after Hancock Whiteney
opens doors
for JoAnn Kathleen Rowling to enjoy
Barnes and Noble

Saturday, August 26, 2017

tulane university is ready to open its doors to 2017-2018 students

according to Adrienne underwood and Jonathan Marks,
new students are pouring in like ocean waves
blue sky
white clouds
delightful blonde hair swing
lovely face cheers under New Orleans
1449 new heads
act 31 to 35
michael fitts and sanjali de silva all red faced birds
audubon zo is near to laugh

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

short story slam week 74, 73

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 


  2012 physics olympic winner at Bulton school is



August - Poem by Dorothy Parker

When my eyes are weeds,
And my lips are petals, spinning
Down the wind that has beginning
Where the crumpled beeches start
In a fringe of salty reeds;
When my arms are elder-bushes,
And the rangy lilac pushes
Upward, upward through my heart;

Summer, do your worst!
Light your tinsel moon, and call on
Your performing stars to fall on
Headlong through your paper sky;
Nevermore shall I be cursed
By a flushed and amorous slattern,
With her dusty laces' pattern
Trailing, as she straggles by.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

short story slam week 71

Old honor college
some delicious guy sit for lunch
matt quick reestablishes jack matthew

Friday, June 16, 2017

weekend prompts

Product Details  a book by Margaret Wise Brown and

Garth Williams is cool

Product Details

a book by shannon myers kelly and courtney lynn kelly is good
we love Dr. Seuss


Jinshi hotel from Beijing, P. R. China

maybe you are right
s star is upright
not to be ignored
but to be lit

maybe today is bright
a man is to be respected
not to be confronted
just be yourself

Jinshi and Ziyu, Zenguang and Muxudi
we use subway a lot around Yuyuan Tan lake,
the operas win awards from Dou River,
the singers remind us of Xiao Ya, Han Zaifeng, Wu Qiong, Mao Weitao, Wang Zhiping, Wu Qun

when Xu Ming and Qiong Yao get on the screen
Julie Yu, qian Yu, Bingyu Yu, Lanfeng Yu, Dou Yu, Nathan Yu, all call Rao Mingrong
name calling emily, Wavely, Abbey, Connie, Angela, Willa, Anna, Richard, Tom, Philip
Albert Cai and Sheng Wu drive through Larry Zhu and Anjali Sun

Thursday, June 15, 2017

short story slam week 70, vacation and burge king breakfast

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Altus King
Jackson Page
Landlords opt for Ramanda, Holiday, Sleep, and Days Inn
how can they reach Thomas Murphy
entertain Pam, Jennifer, Dana, Erin, James, and Daniel

Mary Fallin is silent
because Brad Henry and Frank Keating back up the stages
where is Joseph Fallin and Wade Chrisenten?
how does Kimberly Henry and Leah Henry cooperate?
Jari Askins and 

Carson Misner

Jari Askins and 


Carson Misner.