Monday, March 21, 2016

the story from washington university at saint louis and vanderbilt hustler news

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washington university engineer paces the way
they claim top ten, why?
because they shine bright red, yellow, blue, green
and they upgrade their brain with math talent from peking

think of mark wrighton
think of nicholas zeppos
recall nicholas dirks
and be aware of drew gilpin faust

all from babcock basket washing machine
they know black current street,
they know fishing alley and ohio river
and they know cocnut bridge and yun canal

from hubei, tianmen, jiangchang, daihang, pengjia,
to harbin, dalian, qinhuang dao, qindao, tianjin, shantou, wuhan, and beijing,
we upgrade Fan Fuchou, Wang Xundong,Tan Xiangyong, Gao Yan, Wu Jiahong,
we remark milestone of Jiu Quansen, Yu Lanfeng, Guan Mucun, He Jinyuan, and Fu Zhixiong

lots of unexpected horses,
many surprising pop stars,
let's remember Wang Mingfa, Wang Nianyu, Tian Shuji, Tian Junxian, Zhen Baoxia,
and think of Wang Daxun, Liu Xifan, Zhou Kaiming, Zhu Daihong, and Yan Ji

the below list is long, but include many beautiful souls at Tennessee and Missouri

Patrick Crowley
James McKelvey
Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert
Daniel Giammar
Zhaoyi (Amanda)
Lan Yang
Andrew Brimer
Abigail Cohen
Phillip Bayly
Nick Zhong
Stella Zhong
Qin Yan
Caitlin Kelleher
Yasutaka Furukawa
Angela Zhu
Qianwei Dai
Ben Greenho
Lena Trager
Geena Kandel
Hugh Dunkley
Amir Hassan
David Wang
Jing Wang
Jing Wu
Loren Wright
Orma Ravindranath
Jiangsheng You
Nicole Solawetz-Cortes
Seiko Shastri
Tom Lee Wu
Chris Wang
Ben Loper
Braxton Noble
Dan Little
Linda Neal
David Boren
Sophia Yu
Nathan Yu
Mira Singer
Aaron Yaros
Charles Rosenberg
Amin Mao
Trent Passmore
O'Neil Garcia
Neel Rao
Chris Raun
Rylan Carney
Lisa Carney
John Bartley

Sunday, March 20, 2016

my non-fiction dreams

dreams sprout
rosy color comes about

bubbles pop
smooth texture syrup

pancakes bake
masachussetts state is great

charlie baker,
a man who knows tom menino better

marty walsh
interesting relatives include Mattie Turner, and Seborah Summerfelt!

then, we think of Boston
and get to know Shizue Lafay, Edward Lafay, Deborah Walsh, and David Walsh!

from Boston, to Houston,
we jump up and down, printing Sylvester Turner, Jacob Winters, Mattie McKinney

white pages help lots of folks, finding their relatives

it is not a fiction
to write about fraction and subtraction

we do math well
we are materials major who honor Lori Baker and Karen Baker

williams food from perkins

williams food from perkins
red tomatoes, soft please

yellow, green, and red pepper,
special favor is better

sara wheat bread
yummy slices satisfy my greed

some say, safeguard soap is good
 i agree, cheerios cereals look nice

recall Mehdi Akhaven (范福初),
think of Lydia Howarth ( 秦亚姣)

Teresa Sipos, Adam Sipos,
and Tara Sipos seem all smart Humans

how about Ted Cruz?
how about Jerry Novak? Dunn Novak? Frank Novak? or Geri Novak?

by white pages,
we know Laura Cruz, Katie Ochse, Samuel Cruz, and Gabriel Cisneros...

by google and firefox
we search Risa Trump, Ryan Trump, Jessie Trump, Robin Trump, Rick or Donald Trump

things go bad
if you think of stuff that makes you feel sad

things go sweet
when we focus on good folks, promote amanda neppas

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

short story slam week 40

walking fast,
and i am sweating

first nashville zoo
then soy teriyaki brisro
I like fried shrimp rise

maryland road is busy
i skip backyard burger
and choose chris fine tea

west end  street
saint francis hospital mood
I drink a bottle of florida orange juice

by the end of the day,
I sigh, sitting next to Hobb hall
passing my pity to lady Paul