Sunday, March 20, 2016

williams food from perkins

williams food from perkins
red tomatoes, soft please

yellow, green, and red pepper,
special favor is better

sara wheat bread
yummy slices satisfy my greed

some say, safeguard soap is good
 i agree, cheerios cereals look nice

recall Mehdi Akhaven (范福初),
think of Lydia Howarth ( 秦亚姣)

Teresa Sipos, Adam Sipos,
and Tara Sipos seem all smart Humans

how about Ted Cruz?
how about Jerry Novak? Dunn Novak? Frank Novak? or Geri Novak?

by white pages,
we know Laura Cruz, Katie Ochse, Samuel Cruz, and Gabriel Cisneros...

by google and firefox
we search Risa Trump, Ryan Trump, Jessie Trump, Robin Trump, Rick or Donald Trump

things go bad
if you think of stuff that makes you feel sad

things go sweet
when we focus on good folks, promote amanda neppas

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