Wednesday, May 25, 2016

disney world and epcot from orlando, tampa, miami, and san diego, of florida and california states

epcot, magical kingdom,
wild rides and sea side thrill touch my bone
tom and jina dance off the cartwheel

sherman street,
jimmy jones and northface clothes sit next to sushi house,
williams shoes fit well in morton's feet

jungle adventures
saint louis science and mcCormick notes compete
Mark Wrighton, Nicholas Dirks, and Mary Block do well

ossm website
Frank Rao and Judy Blume publish their main course
on Mathematical research, go, Baidu and Google

osu soil and plant science,
Chad Penn, William Bill Raun, Shida and David Henneberry,
all of them coincide with Burns Hargis and Uwe Gordon

george washing, gay washington, james wrighton,
they aim at Harvard backyard, and passing Nashville, with Megan Barry, and Yan Aizhi in it
what a show under Barack Obama, Jay Nixon, Jerry Brown, and Larry Page

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Image result for national science foundation 
Image result for national science foundation 
Image result for national science foundation 

Image result for national science foundation 

Image result for national science foundation 
Image result for national science foundation

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mentoring Initiative Major Donors of oklahoma academic excellence


The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous support and commitment to the David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative:
Founder’s Circle
Sarkeys Foundation
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
President’s Circle
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
MidFirst Bank
H. E. and Jeannine Rainbolt
Director’s Circle
Ann Simmons Alspaugh
Continental Resources, Inc.
Richard James
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc.
Bert and Janice Mackie
Jasmine and Melvin Moran
Mentor’s Circle
Teresa and Alex Adwan
American Fidelity Corporation Founders Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Carter W. Bradley
Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson
Aubrey and Katie McClendon

Friends of Mentoring
Howard and Billie Barnett
Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook - The Stock Exchange Bank
Loyd and Judy Benson
Bob Burke
Robin Cauthron
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Harris Mellow
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
George A. Singer
Arthur and Betty Thompson

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday prompts, the way we see is the method we enjoy poetry

JP At Olive Garden

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 Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

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Why Jill Walton running for president with the Quinter party?
Peace Love Embrace can change the World,

Drink Coca Cola, Instead of 7-Up,
Let Youtube TV drama tells you a story

Freedom, Google, Hope, Faith, Wisdom,
Quotes of the sage inspire you to surplus and surprise

when He turns his short pants into cans of flowing dream cells,
He impresses his girl friends and together they have perfect plans

ABCs, 123s, Easy Mark Bookmarks,
Todd Holm, Anne Holm, Gregory Holm, Karen Baker, Sheila Why, they rock

Quinn, Queen, Quietness, Quincy, Quotes,
Quartz Mountain and Summer Arts bring in Julie Cohen, and Emily Claude

Jeannie Rivko, Jeme Souviens, Joseph Priestley, Jude Tolar, David May,
Pat Chaney, Chaney Gordy, Ken Whitecotton, Ken Hansen, Lew Wentz

people use chopsticks,
I use spoon and folks

Mathis Schultz, Layton Gordon, Shannon Osborne, Demi Moore, Janice Clark,
Jay Carlsbad, Matthew Robertson, John Handcock, Frank Wood, Diane Vincent

strangers expect
street vendors scream

Robert Fascio, Sheryl White, Fern Ferguson, May Marcy, Nine West, Jojo Moyes,
Finer Mintz, IIya Kamiesky, Howard Jones, Donna Slater, Peter Quinter, shelly Quinn

Illinois, Morton Schapiro speaks,
Missouri, Mark Stephen Wrighton falls silent

 Signs, signs
and drink Coca Cola   
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  Image result for coca cola
street colour... 
  Image result for world peace at illinois

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