Wednesday, September 28, 2016

short story slam week 54, Susan Constantin and Sheng Wu

about 20 years ago,
When Peter promotes Justin to Princeton,
Italy and Vietnam meet

Constantin and Yuwin have dinner
Chicago Chinatown and Northwestern McCormick
Hannah seems confident about future

Sarah was nine, Sheng was three,
strangers become unbreakable friends
a Bienen music school legacy

we recall Susan, Peter, Sarah, Hannah,
We write down Gina, Justin, Sheng, and Austin,
we fly pass Quartz Mountain

we reside El Paso, Tampa, Rochester, Lawrence,
we orchestra Cello, Viola, Bass, Percussion, and Guitar,
we sing music via Diane, Sandy, and Amelia

we read software and hardwear notes
from Wall Street Journal, we rain praise to friends
Alissa, Megan, Jordan, Katie, Jenna, Julia, Sophia, and Camille

we pass Salt Lake Brce Canyon tunnel,
we walk through Utha Salt Palace, and  Epcot of Orlando,
we throw mud to Jerry Bona, Bing Zhang, and Richard Huang

we sit, and wait for bus at Newark,
we remember Lindsay Chamber, Alison Schmidt, Nianyu Wang, Baoxia Zhen,
we heal our sickness via Xiao Gong, Li Gong, Benji Wojin, and Samba Beredjick

lately, we feel so bad when Susan Constantin decides to wave goodbye,
sad news circulates Peter sherwood's desk, birds fly low,
Things go tow by toe and glow via Yan Zhang, and Guilan Pan

this is a remark to remind people about family dramas,
Susan Constantin passed us from October 5, 2012, this is October 5, 2016,
new york times falls silent

while Sarah and Hannah constantin survive,
while sheng wu and tom leigha wu try to know how Peter Constantin supports Jiahong Wu,
we have bitter sweet smiles

hopefully, reads do not have to read what we write,
we do have loved a lady, who has cooked Delicious Beef roasted from Princeton,
and we have sheng wu in their mind while attending Northwestern University

music and Yo Yo Ma,
future and Laura Scott,
let us walk pass new york brooklyn bridge and wish for the best to Mahua, and Heryetta
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Image result for abbey wood at ossm     Gabriele Nguyen and Tom L. Wu, Patti Johnson, Abbey Wood, Jiahong Wu, and Ji Yan, may 28, 2016

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